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What NOT To Bring Into The NEW Year... B L A M E !!

Blame points a finger, finds fault, and searches to criticize someone or something for having differing methods or ideas.  The one doing the blaming usually has no mercy toward the accused. 

And, just WHO is to BLAME? 

  • The President we y'all elected - it's HIS fault!
  • NO - It was the PAST president's fault!
  • The Republicans - THEY are the ones! (Just ask the Democrats)                        
  • NOPE!  It was the Democrats! (Just ask the Republicans)                       
  • Wall Street - It's their fault!  Nah! - Main Street!
  • Sub-Prime Mortgages - those greedy lenders are responsible!
  • Those REALTORS®!  They are to blame!  Nope - It's the down market! 
  • The government!  The Weather!  The rich! The poor!  Your Mama!  Your Daddy!
  • The serpent - "It was him" said the woman.... he's tricky!
  • NO!  Adam said, it was the WOMAN given me by GOD!! <---- hmmmm It's HIS fault??

From the beginning of creation there was BLAME. Today there is plenty to select from... choose one!  2010 will be here in a few hours.  Just WHO will we blame for something in the new year?  It's OUR choice!  We can continue to point the finger, OR we can CHOOSE not to!  No matter what we face, life will always have challenges.  That's what LIFE gives... tribulation!  It's a promise!  Spending time blaming instead of getting on with our purposes is not the better way.  Some things we cannot change.  GOD Himself is not raising His own finger to make corrections of some or of things taking place in the earth  .... so WHY is mere man attempting that job?  Do WE know more than HIM?

Never has God NOT fulfilled His Word which says.....
ALL THINGS work together for our good!  Interpretation:  GOOD will come out of every situation regardless to HOW it looks presently!  No need to fault find and judge a brother, sister, or these times!  RELAX!  Let's get back to our short tenure here on earth before bitter nagging takes us out prematurely!  Will we overlook a transgression of another and trust God to do His job.... or are we perfect?  Will we remain grateful if our lifestyles are altered a bit?  Can we adapt and make the best of new changes, or will we continue to protest inwardly like an immature spoiled brat who has to have it our own specific way right now?  

Let's look at  B L A M E from another angle - a very simple way to remember:

B L A M E =  B   LAME  (Be Lame)
Being lame (being crippled) - Means we have crippled (limited) ourselves from getting to our destinies by becoming dependent upon what someone else has said or done. We have become blindsided, stuck, and impotent.  Our focus...  is on another instead of on OUR purposes.  We are lame.

B L A M E =  BLA   ME  (Blah me)

Blah  me - This is when we have become all talk, and NO action...  like a busybody spreading opinions our minds are stuck on.  Our life is on hold!  All that comes out is blah blah blah - We have no credibility and NO ONE wants to hear this worthless talk- except for the immature stuck there too! 

B L A M E - This is NOT something we want to bring into 2010 is it? 
  What if The Savior said, "Hold up... it's NOT MY fault, YOU are the one to BLAME dude!!  Let ME get off this cross right now, you ungrateful sinners!!  Just LOOK at how y'all are acting!  Didn't I just restore your sight a few hours ago?  And what about you?  You couldn't even walk!  Many of you would have starved if I had not fed you in the wilderness!!"

B L A M E - We cannot afford to use it! 
Let us resolve to get rid of that weight, and the sin that easily besets us, and let us run with patience, the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus....


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