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Mobile Alabama Roadside Assistance - (251) 518-9619 - Tire Champ has PHENOMENAL Service!

Recently, during our family's 12-day road trip to Atlanta and back, we ended up with a supremely flat tire which left us stranded on a highway outside of Mobile, Alabama in a small town called Tillman's Corner.  It was nearly 10pm, and I had a van filled with our stuff, along with me, my wife, and our four kids (ranging in age from 11 years down to 11 months old).mobile alabama roadside assistance

It was windy and brisk outside, so the thought of unloading everyone in order to access the somewhat inconveniently placed spare tire didn't fill me with enthusiasm. 

I turned on my iPhone and figured Google could help me solve this dilemma.  Thankfully, I found Steve Laurendine of Tire Champ.

I explained my problem to Steve, who said that he needed to go pick up a tire from his shop, but he could probably meet us in "about 35 minutes".  Having encountered services like this in the past, I figured we would be lucky if he arrived within the hour.  He pulled up behind us 32 minutes later. 

Not only was he friendly and professional, no one even had to get out of the car, which was a godsend.  All in all, Steve finished the job in just under an hour, which including a full replacement of the tire.

At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Sure, but he probably charged you an arm and a leg, right?".  In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised by his rates.  He charged me $100 for the service, along with $30 for the tire (plus tax, of course).  Needless to say, I was more than happy to pay this amount, especially under the circumstances. 

According to his business card, Steve provides a full array of services, including new tires, used tires, A/C service, alignments, brakes, shocks, and general tune-ups.  I wouldn't trust anyone but him with my business in that part of the world.  Mobile, Alabama is lucky to have him.

While I was talking with Steve, I promised him that I would blog about my good experience in order to help him garner more business if someone should happen to come across this post of mine.  I gave him my business card, and I told him a bit more about where we were headed the next day (which was New Orleans).

As if his roadside assistance wasn't enough, I was overwhelmed by his service when I received this email the next morning at our hotel:

Hi Jason,
It was a pleasure to meet you last night.
Did you say that you would be stopping in New Orleans on your way home? If you do, here are a few things that I think you and your family would love: mule-drawn buggy ride at Jackson Square, cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and pralines from Loretta's at the French Market. My wife and I love that city because it is so unique. With that being said, AVOID Bourbon Street with the kids--just walking down that street is shocking for most adults.
I hope that you enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to reading your blog.
Steve Laurendine
Tire Champ
Mobile, AL

As you can see, Steve takes service seriously.  How many tire guys have you ever known who would go out of their way to provide help in this manner?  If you are ever stranded in that area, the only Mobile Alabama Roadside Assistance worth contacting is Tire Champ.  Steve Laurendine is a man of integrity, and I hope he is wildly successful.  It's nice to come across one of the "good guys" every now and then.

Steve can be reached anytime at 251-518-9619.  I recommend him wholeheartedly.



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