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Be Careful of Nigerian Scams-Consumers Beware-Many Scams!

"A DeBary woman was arrested after a Volusia County Sheriff's Office investigation found that she participated in a Nigerian check-cashing scheme that defrauded at least 15 victims of $26,835, sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said Saturday."  Daytona News Journal Read the full story here

OK so you read right and many will have something to say to those that fell prey to these scam artists.  The truth is not everyone is tech savvy or spend hours on end online or in their email.  Some folks might be desperate or in a desperate situation and lo and behold their prayers are answered.  Money from the net.


Be Careful of Nigerian Scams-Consumer Beware-Many Scams

This scam is different from the Homes on Craigslist or the millions they try to send everyone to safely remove their family inheritance to the U.S.  While this one involved scholarships and rebates, keep in mind, there is a wide variety of these scams going on...and no one should joke about someone being scammed..instead use the energy and inform those who might fall prey to one these schemes.

Read consumer reports on the different types of scams that they have seen and experienced first hand.  Read the reports here. 

Be leary of those handing you big bucks via email and you have never met them and they want your very personal information which would include bank account info, social security numbers. 

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Be Careful of Nigerian Scams-Consumers Beware-Many Scams!
"A DeBary woman was arrested after a Volusia County Sheriff's Office investigation found that she participated in a Nigerian check-cashing scheme that defrauded at least 15 victims of $26, 835, sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said Saturday… more
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