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Fran's Friday Forum...KEYS TO TRUST...!!!

Most of you probably are unaware that for around 3 years now, since I have been ‘semi-retired’, I have taken on driving two ‘special ed’ students to school and back home each day...

This doesn’t conflict with my ‘consulting’ duties at Patriot Land Transfer, Inc., since I am able to squeeze in most of the midday hours at My Title Insurance agency and still accomplish getting the students to and from school in a timely manner...

Of course, I couldn’t do this without the assistance of my very competent and compassionate staff, who constantly cover my back...Special thanks to my Son In Law, Gil, who juggles the whole project adroitly...!!!

BTW, I refer to my two students as ‘PRECIOUS CARGO’...and I take these duties very seriously...!!!

The vehicle I drive is owned by a local ‘Transportation Company’ that is contracted by our local school district...

Recently, the keys to the van were lost, and I had to use the only spare set that the company owned...and because of the unique design of the key, (a remote with a built in flip key), replacement would have been quite around $250.00...

Now THE PLOT THICKENS...For 3 days these are some of the things I engaged in :

      ***My special prayers to Saint Anthony, patron Saint of lost articles...PERSISTENTLY

      ***Using my extremely amateur investigating experience...REPLACE ‘EXTREMELY’ WITH ‘RANK’

      ***Coaxing my almost 69 year old memory to recall bit by bit my last run with the van before the weekend...I THINK

      ***Retracing my steps based on that recollection...FRAME BY FRAME      

      ***Poring over and through multiple, personal vehicles, The School Van itself, the garage and area where the keys are kept between runs, my entire house and garage...and every square inch of space in between...FOUND NOTHING

      ***Making phone calls to other coworkers who might know the WHEREABOUTS of THE MISSING KEYS...ALL DEAD ENDS

      ***Inviting the suggestions of other rank amateur ‘PI’ friends and family members...TO NO AVAIL           

Then, all of a sudden, without warning and like magic, in silence and mysteriously...VOILA !!!...THE KEYS APPEARED...NEATLY HUNG ON THEIR DEDICATED if they were never missing...

Borrowing the once used military policy of ‘DON’T ASK...DON’T TELL’...I was thankful enough that they ‘showed up’ not to play the blame game...BUT...

Isn’t it a shame that coworkers can’t be open and honest and trusted...???

Have a great weekend...!!!



Comment balloon 7 commentsFran Gaspari • January 20 2012 11:29AM
Fran's Friday Forum… KEYS TO TRUST…!!!
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