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Fran's Friday Forum...KP Duty...!!!

KP Duty...!!!

Remember Sergeant Bilko or M.A.S.H. or Hogan's Heroes...!!!

These were just some of the ‘military' shows popular as I was growing up...!!!

I don't recall many of the plots or subplots, but I do remember that one punishment for minor violations of military orders was the assignment of ‘KP'...Kitchen Police...

There, in many episodes, you atoned for your violations or bad deeds by peeling potatoes, slicing onions, scrubbing dishes, ladling out soup, or performing some other mundane dirty task...

Well my modern day ‘KP' wouldn't have any thing to do with kitchens, military orders, or the like...

NO.......My ‘KP' would require ‘KIDS PRAYING'...and not because they're being punished...but because ‘KIDS PRAYING' get results...AND...

are what are most needed in our society in these trying times where HOPE is seldom springing eternal and despair seems to be creeping into the fabric of our everyday lives...AND...

We adults have exhausted nearly every attempt to solve the world's problems to little or no avail...

SO.......My suggestion.....?????

Teach our kids to pray
, get them praying for the needs of our Country and the world, stir up their faith, because in so doing we will insure success...

I am convinced that our Good God is especially tuned in to the cries of children and eager to answer their prayers...

Would any good parent disagree...???

Have a great weekend...!!!

Comment balloon 12 commentsFran Gaspari • April 01 2011 11:26AM
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