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Are you "Prepared" to become a homeowner?

Are You "PREPARED" To Become A Homeowner?


Before there was land...... there was GOD. When God created land, He caused it to appear right in the midst of water.  Elements followed, tempered precisely.... God then created man to rule His land.  

This was the order from the beginning and it has not changed.  God spoke creation unto existence with His mouth. He spoke... then there was.  He transferred that power over to man when He assigned him to reign on His earth.  He also gave him choices that would produce consequences.... either good or bad. 

One of them was;  "If you'll be faithful over little, God will make you ruler over much."  This law of God is proven to be true in everything.  Start small, handle it well, watch it grow.  If this is done consistently, you'll become qualified to own your own land, eventually.  If one has not mastered being faithful over the small, there will be no discipline for the larger.

Get prepared.... become faithful.... be a good steward over the small....  these steps are essential first!


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Are you "Prepared" to become a homeowner?
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