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Fran's Friday Forum...Fender Bender Weekender Mender...!!!

That’s right.......At the peak of a couple week long rainfest.....I was involved in a minor fender bender...

I say minor because nobody was injured, no vehicles required towing, and the damage was minimal...!!! one enjoys being involved in an automobile accident...what with having to report the thing, calling police, informing your insurance agent...let alone admittingdisclosing to your wife and kids that you’re not the perfect driver they thought you were...somewhat embarrassing and a tad humiliating...

But, then again, it is good to be humble...after all...humility is TRUTH...!!!

Well, now that I’ve done my post accident due diligence, I can relax in knowing that my insurance agent and I can have a meaningful conversation between premium payments...!!!

All is well, but don’t forget to fly your flag this Sunday, and while you’re having a nice weekend don’t forget to remember the victims of 911...AND GOD BLESS AMERICA...!!!



Comment balloon 7 commentsFran Gaspari • September 09 2011 11:09AM
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