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What's Wrong With Some Little League Coaches...Mid Life Crises...???

Right about this time every year many parents and grandparents, and other family members for that matter, are second guessing Little League Baseball Coaches all around the country...

Yes, it's that time of year when America's Favorite Pastime, at least the version designed for kids from about 8 to 12 years old, is getting into high gear...!!!

And so we hear the perennial grumblings of family members who wonder why their kid isn't  getting enough playing time, or why the ‘coaches kids' rarely sit on the bench, or why their kid can't try ‘catching' or ‘pitching', or why their kid is batting so far down in the lineup, or any  of a number of other criticisms aimed primarily at Little League Coaches...!!!

Now, this post doesn't aim to analyze in detail or great depth, all the problems that make ‘Little League Baseball' an unpleasant experience for many families...BUT...

Suffice it to say the problems are real and DO EXIST...and these problems are evidenced by declining numbers of kids playing Little League Baseball...opting, instead, to try other sports such as soccer, lacrosse, swimming, or to just save the money and aggravation by playing nothing...

Now, I am a lover of baseball, a purist, so to speak...I feel the game is bigger than any who participate in it, manage it, coach it, write about it, criticize it, etc...AND SO...

After much thought, analysis, genuine concern, reflection, and study...

It dawned on me that many
, not all, little league coaches are at the age when they may be experiencing a MID LIFE least, if not a ‘CRISIS', at least a mood affecting or ego trying experience...

Here is a list of symptoms that was compiled by a PROFESSIONAL who deals regularly with people experiencing MID LIFE CRISES:

  1. Looking into the mirror and you no longer recognize yourself.
  2. Desiring to quit a good job.
  3. Unexplained bouts of depression when doing tasks that used to make you happy.
  4. Changing or investigating new religions, churches or new age philosophy.
  5. Change of habits. Activities which used to bring pleasure now are boring. Unable to complete or concentrate on tasks which used to be easy.
  6. It feels good to get hurt.
  7. Wanting to run away from everything.
  8. A desire to get into physical shape.
  9. Irritability or unexpected anger.
  10. Change in allergies.
  11. Desire for physical -Free Flowing- movement (Running, Biking, Dance, Fast red sports cars, Sky diving, etc).
  12. Exploring new musical tastes.
  13. Sudden desire to learn how to play an instrument.
  14. Sudden interest in drawing, painting, writing books or poetry.
  15. Shifting sleep patterns (Typically to less).
  16. Thinking about death, wondering about the nature of death.
  17. Changes to the balance of vitamins you take. Or taking dietary supplements for the purposes of extending life.
  18. Extreme changes to what you eat.
  19. Excessively buying new clothes and taking more time to look good.
  20. Hair changes. (Natural changes in thickness, luster, color or Assisted changes in dying hair suddenly or shaving your head bald)
  21. A desire to surround yourself with different settings.
  22. Hanging out with a different generation as their energy and ideas stimulate you.
  23. Restarting things, which you dropped 20 years earlier.
  24. Upset at where society is going. Experience a desire to change the world for the better.
  25. Feeling trapped or tied down by fiscal responsibilities.
  26. Leaving (Mentally or Physically) family or feeling trapped in current family relationships.
  27. A desire to teach others or become a healer.
  28. Desiring a simple life.
  29. Excessively looking back to one's childhood.
  30. Playing again just to play!
  31. Keep re-asking yourself: "Where am I going with my life?"
  32. Getting fixated on new "wonder" solutions to problems.
  33. Recently experiencing something extremely stressful. Stress can trigger a Midlife transformation. Some examples include: Changing Jobs, Divorce, Death of someone close, Chemical/Toxic exposure upon the body or experiencing a major illness.
  34. Doing things that get you into trouble when it surprises everyone as being out of character.
  35. Someone unexpectedly exclaims: "You are going through a midlife crisis!"

Personally, I can spot quite a few symptoms which may be applied to some little league coaches, and which may explain some of these coaches' unreasonable behavior...I'll let each reader be the judge...BUT...

If I see a coach drive up to the field in a neat red sports car, or bolster their egos by showing the kids how strong they are by driving a ball over the fence, or giving long dissertations between innings, or constantly trying to outrun their players, or jumping as high as my dog, or any other power or ‘control freak' move.......

Those coaches are SUSPECT...!!!

Go out and have a catch with your kid, watch a minor league baseball game, talk baseball, and relax and enjoy AMERICA'S FAVORITE PASTIME...

And you can't go wrong with older ‘BAD NEWS BEARS' coaches...!!!

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