Christian Real Estate Professionals : June 2011

An Open Letter To Catholic Politicians...LIVE BY THE RULES...!!!

The recent news out of New York regarding legalization of ‘same sex' marriage, and particularly as aided and abetted by Catholic politicians has caused me to write this post...!!!

A message to ALL CATHOLIC POLITICIANS: Before you describe yourself as Catholic, please make sure you understand orthodox Catholic teaching and ALL that it requires...and then...LIVE IT...!!!

For example:

  It is the duty of every Catholic to properly form and inform their consciences...!!!

  ‘Gay' lifestyles are not optional choices of living for Catholics...homosexuality is still a sin...we must love the homosexual, but hate the sin, including the lifestyle...!!!

  Abortion is murder...the willful killing of an unborn child...and if it's not a child, what is it...!!!

  Just as it is unconscionable for a family to live beyond its means, so it is just as unconscionable for a government to do so...!!!

  All taxes belong originally to citizens...politicians are to be held accountable for the way they spend OUR money...!!!

  Our Country AND our religion are both built on The Natural is UNNATURAL for those of the same sex to marry...!!!

  Jesus, our founder and God, taught us to go forth and spread the Good News to ALL people...We fulfill that commission by Word and Example and by our Vote...!!!

These are just a few reminders of what our Faith requires...If you are a Catholic politician and don't agree with these tenets, you shouldn't identify yourself as merely spread slander among the faithful...!!!

And if you aren't Catholic, but believe in the GOLDEN RULE...When are you going to begin treating the citizens of our great Country as you would want yourself in your healthcare vs in our Social Security vs your retirement benefits...!!!

And finally, you work for us...and a fundamental Catholic teaching demands a fair days work for a fair days pay...START EARNING YOUR PAY...!!!

Comment balloon 45 commentsFran Gaspari • June 27 2011 08:41AM
An Open Letter To Catholic Politicians… LIVE BY THE RULES…!!!
The recent news out of New York regarding legalization of ‘same sex' marriage, and particularly as aided and abetted by Catholic politicians has caused me to write this post…!!! A message to ALL CATHOLIC POLITICIANS : Before you describe yourself… more
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