Christian Real Estate Professionals : October 2007

Speaking Real Estate DOOM?

Ever hear someone say....

  • My feet are killing me..
  • I'm just dying to see ____________                      
  • I think i'm coming down with the flu                                            
  • I think i'm catching a cold!
  • The Real Estate Market is BAD!!

Now, in visualizing the above, can you imagine a pair of feet taking hold around someones neck and strangling them?  How about going to see a favorite singer, and after taking a look, just dropping down dead!  Imagine running as hard as you can to catch up with the fast-as-lightening-moving common "cold"?  Have you seen the Real Estate Market standing in the corner with a dunce cap on it's head waiting to get paddled?  

Did you not know that death and life has been left in the power of the tongue?  What you SPEAK has power!  Creative Power!  Every time you open your mouth to speak... it's either death or life coming out!  Even if you're just thinking it.... it will come out eventually!  (Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!)  Did you not know that you can HAVE what you say??  Mark 11:23

Our Creator, created EVERYTHING by SPEAKING first.... HE said, "Let there be".... and it was!  HE has given us an example, and passed that authority on to emulate HIM.  Did you not know you have power to turn things around??  If the industry is saying a thing..... DON'T SPEAK WHAT YOU HEARD.... DO NOT LINE UP YOUR THOUGHTS WITH WHAT YOU SEE!!  Instead try speaking words of faith.... CALL THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT.... AS THOUGH THEY WERE..... and choose not to allow contrary influences to take you off your PURPOSE..... no matter how things look! 

LOOK UP! Speak life!  Use your creative GOD-given power to turn a negative mindset unto a victorious outcome!

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Comment balloon 54 commentsDiane Rice • October 16 2007 09:10PM
Speaking Real Estate DOOM?
Ever hear someone say… My feet are killing me.. I'm just dying to see ____________ I think i'm coming down with the flu I think i'm catching a cold! &… more