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Fran's Friday Forum...Earthquakes & Hurricanes...!!!

They say in the media that August is a ‘slow news month’...

I’m sure the media attribute most of this to the facts that Congress is in Summer recess and many in the U.S. vacation in August...BUT...Now with the recent heat wave, earthquake, and Hurricane Irene, everyone remains glued to their TVs watching their favorite news and weather channels...

I have another theory...I call it GLOBAL SWARMING...!!!

I say that when Congress is in session many people are praying and God is working full time to keep the peace that Washington attempts to legislate away...certainly a full time job for any well meaning spiritual leader...

In fact, I think, now that God has our attention, He is demonstrating who is really in charge...

The real movers and shakers are not in Washington or even China for that matter...NO...To know and see real power we must look to a different place...although not very far from any one of us...God is still in charge and is sending a message, perhaps, that it is time for some shaking, baking, and cleansing to take place...

I’m not one to believe that ‘God causes these things’, but if He does, my Faith tells me He will do it gently and lovingly...!!!

Have a great weekend...!!!



Comment balloon 10 commentsFran Gaspari • August 26 2011 08:17AM
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