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When you have gratitude in your heart

At a very young age, my father has taught me about "having a grateful heart". He believed that if one doesn't have gratitude, one will value this one life we've been given very differently.

So, putting it into a real estate and small business ownership perspective, are you grateful for:

(1) The "low-ball" offer you received and the opportunity to negotiate it to a "fair offer"?

(2) The telemarketing phone calls you receive as a result of your very own SEO hardwork?

(3) The "on-the-fence" buyers who cannot seem to make up their minds?

(4) The opportunity to open doors, to evaluate different homes after homes your buyers want to view?

(5) The opportunity to educate your seller clients about managing the showings at the property?

Well, I could go on and on but I think you got the picture.


I only know that I must have a grateful heart for the Lord gives me the opportunity to rise up in the morning, to serve Him another day with all I have. We should cultivate a grateful heart not only in November (for Thanksgiving) but at everyday. Sure, we can look at the world being unfair, how others are not right and yet they seem to be doing well. But you are not them. And they are not you.

You can only control what you can control. Let the unfairness and worrying be the Lord's problem. 

Remember that there's always two sides of how you look at things. Do you apply gratitude frequent and often? If you begin now, over time, I promise that you will have a changed perspective on life. November is the perfect time to do just that.

Reflect on all the goodness you have been given. Much more will be given to you if you just change the way you look at things.


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When you have gratitude in your heart

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