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PERSPECTIVE...Is That What It's All About...???

We hear so much these days about the glass half full or half empty...???  

But it's not just a question of terms, or mind control, or mind over matter, or positive attitude...sometimes it's those very same things that get us into trouble...  

We latch onto an ideal or a mindset, and we're hooked...  

Our thinking becomes preprogrammed as we brainwash ourselves into an attitude where we're afraid to absorb new ideas, new theories, new scientific evidence, etc...In essence we're more motivated by fear than we are by transparency or truth...we become afraid that this new idea may take away our optimism or positive attitude...  

Which brings up a good point!  

Where do we get our positive attitudes, our it just mind control or is it based on truth or scientific evidence...  

We can adopt a positive attitude and a sense of optimism that is very close to realism, but we have to let go of our false perceptions, our fear of facing reality, because we think reality is evil, depressing, or negative...All those perceptions are far from the truth...  

Let me layout for you a case in point...I am very interested in new technologies...especially those which exude conservation, energy or time saving, money saving, or resource saving...I happen to have a geothermal heat pump that heats and air conditions my great efficiency and cost savings...In my mind, I have ruled out 'solar power' as we know it, basically because my mind tells me that the 'sun doesn't shine every day'...I know some proponents of 'solar power' who believe that is the ONLY answer to solving our reliance on foreign oil, and accordingly they see no future for geothermal technologies...  

Guess what...???  

Both our mindsets are incorrect and misguided...mine because I have closed my mind to 'solar power'...and others because they do not understand 'geothermal' and think it will undermine their enthusiasm for 'solar power' and divert peoples attention away from where they see hope...!  

THE FACTS...Both technologies rely on the power and reliability and heat of THE SUN...both are based on and in 'solar power' one case, the sun heats 'solar panels' producing the case of geothermal, the power is derived from the earth's heat because of the sun's influence on it...

The moral of the story...Don't be too quick to jump on any bandwagon without doing your due diligence and searching for the REAL truth...and don't be too quick in rejecting theories and ideas just because they differ from your current mindset...!!!  

Be open, be honest, be diligent, be a good listener...then accept what is GOOD...and reject what is BAD...!!!  

And in no afraid...!!!



Comment balloon 21 commentsFran Gaspari • January 29 2009 09:37AM
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